Our houses are getting more and more reliant on technology. This is a great thing. However, the devices that are arriving on the market often surprise even serious technology nerds.

The latest home tech gadgets save you stress, time, and will finally put an end to those times you answer the door accidentally to that neighbor who is always selling something. Some of these devices even enable you to stay in your hammock while you are cleaning the yard.

The Roomba for Your Yard

A great lawn is a delightful thing. However, to achieve it, you need to do some mowing, which is not that great. Fortunately, there is a device today that’s essentially a Roomba for your lawn. One great example is the Worx Robot Lawn Mower. This device utilizes a shock sensor system to mow around stumbling blocks and returns to its base if needs to recharge its battery or it senses rain. As of now, it will not fetch you a beer. However, it will enable you to keep on relaxing while the robot will do all the hard work on your lawn.

Smart Bathtub

There is an advanced bathtub in the market that can act as a strong Bluetooth speaker whenever it is empty. One great example is the Archer VibrAcoustic Bath. The music waves ripple across the water after you have filled it. You can link it to your favorite relaxing playlist on YouTube and enjoy the perfect home spa Sunday ever.

Security Cam

Whenever you know your house is being protected, you will have an easy time sleeping better at night. There are a lot of security systems out there that can offer you peace of mind. One excellent example of this is the Nest Cam. This device will send you an email with photos or phone alerts if it detects outside activities. In addition to that, some of these gadgets have a built-in smart speaker. Thus, you could listen and talk through the gadget. You can also purchase a lot of them, install them around your house, and connect them together. Contact a low voltage installer in Las Vegas for help.

Self-Watering Planter

Today, you won’t be worried about what will happen to your plants while you are on vacation. There are a lot of new gadgets out there that can help you. One great example of this is the Smartpot. This device will take care of your plants by watering them on a scheduled basis. You don’t have to ask someone to water the plant for you.

Light Dimmer

Light dimmers aren’t new. However, modern devices can now be linked directly to Amazon’s Alexa. Thus, you can easily control them using your voice, aside from controlling every light in your house.

Curved TVs

Though they might look a bit weird at first, these devices are extremely cool. They provide an excellent view of the television from any angle in your room. They also lower the effects of glare because of their unique form. In addition to that, they can easily improve the value of your home.