Pizza has undergone many changes from its beginnings in Italy. Right now, it’s a cuisine that is known and loved by many people. But if you are opening a pizza parlor or installing an oven to cook pizza in your existing restaurant, it will difficult to decide which kind of pizza to make. Below are the different kinds of pizza, along with a short history. Knowing more about them allows you to serve your guests with some delicious slices.

1. Neapolitan Pizza

The first pizza is the Neapolitan cheese pizza, which contains sliced tomatoes and basil from the Neapolitan region. The tasty pizza has its origins in the 18th century Naples in Italy. At such time, the seaside town’s poorer citizens bought cheap, fast food. Fortunately, this pizza from the Neapolitan cuisine selection has always been affordable and easily available from different street vendors.

2. Chicago Pizza

From the area it was invented, Chicago Pizza is more known as the deep-dish pizza, which is named after the windy city. Bach then, Italian settlers were looking for something like Neapolitan pizza. A now-famed pizza maker suggested creating something else rather than imitating the popular Neapolitan pizza. The pizza he made comes with a very thick crust and ham as a substitute. It has other ingredients, as well, such as mozzarella cheese slices used as a filling for the dough. It also has onions, beef, and crushed tomatoes.

3. New York Style Pizza

New York-style pizza is the type that comes with big, folding slices. Its outer crust is crispy, too. It is a slightly raised form of pizza pie, and it is among the most popular pizzas in the US. The signature New York pizza slices initially took on its fame as a version of Neapolitan-style pizza. Some even believe that its special flavor comes from the minerals that are present in the tap waters of New York.

4. Sicilian Pizza

This pizza is best partnered with beers. This one comes with a pillow-like dough and a crunchy crust. It has a strong tomato sauce flavor, too. In order to avoid a soggy crust, Sicilian pizza is eaten without cheese, but often with sauce cheese. It was the 1900s when the Sicilian immigrants introduced the Sicilian pizza to America and during World War II, it became very popular all over the U.S.

5. Greek Pizza

Greek pizza is a pizza that’s filled with onions, garlic, and vegetables. It originated from the Greek immigrants that came to the US and introduced Italian pizza. This type of pizza became popular in the states of New England. It has a thick, chewy crust that’s cooked in small, oiled pans. It comes with a deep-fried center, too. While this type of pizza is mostly puffy and chewy compared to thin-crust pizzas. However, it’s not thick like the deep-dish crust or Sicilian pizza.

If you’re now craving for pizza, then t’s time that you contact the best pizza restaurant in Fullerton. Get that pizza to your door an enjoy its goodness. But first, you must decide what you want. So, is it going to be Neapolitan, Chicago, New York, Sicilian, or Greek?